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Lens2scope 10mm  


Have both camera lens and spotting scope in the bag without the extra weight !

Quality camera lens + Innovative Lens2scope = Superb spotting scope

Lens2scope unleashes the power of the camera lens and turn it into a spotting scope in a snap. With the modern optics technologies in the cameras lens such as the low dispersion ED, APO glass or the asphere elements, you can fully take advantages of the high quality optics of the camera lens you already owned and make the crystal sharp scope observation with Lens2scope.

● 100% highest camera lens optical compatibilit

The innovative Lens2scope optics is designed to work with all camera lenses independent of the image sensor frame size that the lens is designed for.(Ex Full frame or APS-C) .. Only a few camera lenses that focus by wire electronically cannot be used with Lens2scope for focus adjustment. In addition, Lens2scope with either Nikon or SONY lens mount is built with the aperture pin to make the lens work at its maximum aperture.

● Quality design and build

Built with fiber-reinforced poly-carbonate, the Lens2scope is lightweight, rugged, and durable to withstand constant use for years to come. Inside, the optics design utilized advanced computer ray tracing technology to drastically reduce optical aberrations, producing crystal sharp images. In addition, all the lenses inside are coated with multi-layer anti-reflection optical thin film for maximum light transmission and color fidelity, while providing totally flawless images.

● Optimum exit pupil size and scene brightness

When paired with a telephoto lens, the Lens2scope optical magnification ratio is calculated as the camera lens focal length divided by Lens2scope focal length. If the 1:1 magnification macro lens is attached, it becomes a 36X loupe with the right erected image.

● Brilliant magnification power

The exit pupil size determines the brightness of the observed scene and is calculated as the Lens2scope focal length divided by camera lens aperture (F/#). If the camera lens has a constant aperture throughout the zoom, the exit pupil size will not change during zooming as well. Therefore, the scene brightness is not changed at any zoom position, another unprecedented advantages compared with the regular scope.

● Always at the maximum field of view

The Lens2scope optics is designed to have the constant field of view independent of any zoom position and any camera lens mounted. Thus, you can always enjoy the maximum field of view of Lens2scope with any lenses combination.

● Ultra bright observation & long eye-relief design

Lens2scope 10mm pairs camera lens with max aperture up to f/2, offering a stunning 5mm large and ultra-bright exit pupil for dawn or night observation. Also, the 10mm Lens2scope has 20 mm long eye-relief such that the use can observe comfortably even wearing the glass.

● Specification

Lens2scope Model


Focal Length (mm)


Apparent field of view (degree)


Lens construction

5 E /3 G

Optimum Lens Aperture (f/#)


Maximum Lens Aperture (f/#)


Exit pupil (mm)

10/Lens f/#

Max exit pupil (mm)


Prism system


Eye relief (mm)


Eye cup type

Folding rubber cup

Scope magnification ratio

1/10 x Lens Focal Length

Loupe magnification ratio


Dioptry range

-5D to +3D

Dimension (mm)

Length x Width x Height

Straight: 135x78x90


Weight (gram)

Straight: 205

Angled: 185

Butterfly Digiscoping adapter


Tripod mount

Detachable fiber reinforced tripod mount for lens weighted less

 than 1000g (Ex, 70-200mmf/4 or 70-300mmf/3.5~5.6)

Lens mount

Canon EF(-S) ,Nikon F, Sony A, Pentax K**

**Not compatible with lens using “drive by wire only” focus mechanism.